Event Divisions:

  • Beginner Women

  • Beginner Men

  • Scaled Women

  • Scaled Men

  • Rx Women

  • Rx Men

Event Details

TTD8 is CrossFit Thumps Yearly CrossFit In-House/Invitational Competition. It consists of 4 WODs in “Beast Mode” Format, which is back to back to back to back. In other words 4 WODs in 60 minutes. It’s a 2 person Team (Same Gender) Competition. Divisions are as follows: Male and Female Rx, Scaled, Beginner. Choose your division wisely, and best of luck.

It will be my 8th time hosting this event, all WODs stick to basic Crossfit principles and are designed to challenge you as an athlete by testing strength, endurance and willpower. This is a TEAM competition, specifically a 2-person team. Same gender. This competition is done in “Beast Mode” format. Which means it’s 4 WODs, in 60min, back to back to back to back. The Team Divisions are as follows Male and Female: Beginners, Scaled, and Rx. The WODs, ALL 4, will be released on the Crossfit Thump Instagram page. The Instagram page is @crossfitthump based on the WODs you will choose the appropriate division.  All safety measures, heat times and general info on movement standards will be addressed closer to the competition. This is a great comp to get some work in for a bigger competition down the line or to assess where you are at for the Crossfit Open.
The amount of teams registered will dictate how long the event is, I’m estimating, and please understand this might change, that it will start at 8am and be done by 4pm. ATTENTION This link and page was created solely for registration purposes, all definitive announcements and competition pertinent information will be released via the Instagram page.

Event WODS

Into the Frying Pan

This is a 2 Part Work Out. PART A: Teams Have 12min to Find a 1RM Snatch. Both Teammates Must Post a Successful Lift. You Must Declare an Opening Weight For Your Lift. Once This Weight is Attempted You Can’t Drop Lower, You Must Hit the Attempt and or Go Up In Weight. USAW Standards apply to all divisions on the lifts. Rx Squat Snatch ONLY Scaled Squat Snatch, Scaled Is Allowed to Snatch then OH Squat It, if needed. Beginner: Can Choose Between Squat Snatch or Power Snatch. However Once The Choice is Made and Lift Attempted they are Stuck With Their Decision. Part 1B: Simultaneously the Team Will Do a Max Effort Calories on Echo/Assault Bike. (Final Decision on which bike will be made with plenty of time to adjust your training if needed). There are 2 Scores for this Station. The Total Team Weight Lifted and the Total Calories Biked.

Valley of the Shadow of Death

12min Running Clock Min 0-4 Max Effort Thrusters Team, with 1 Person Working at a Time Completes as Many Thrusters as Possible in Time Allowed. Rx: 135/95 Scaled: 115/75 Beginner: 95/65 Min 4-8 Max Effort Wall Balls Team, with 1 Person Working at a Time Completes as Many Wall Balls as Possible in Time Allowed. Rx: 30/20 Scaled: 20/14 Beginner: 16/12 Min 8-12 Max Effort Dubs Team, with 1 Person Working at a Time Completes as Many Dubs as Possible in Time Allowed. Rx: Dubs Scaled: Dubs/Singles Beginner: Singles CrossFit Standards Apply to All Movements.

Event Info:


Date: Oct. 8, 2022

Location: 18633 SW 107th Avenue, Miami FL

Registration: $80.00






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